Let’s open the
indoor LBS market through
AI-based IPS Technology

Papaya is a startup that uses AI to service indoor positioning technology called IPS, which tracks indoor location.


Solution Idea
Focus on the stars and constellations in the night sky

AI technology is used to learn multi-signals that can be received indoors like constellations using sensor map images.


PAPAYA's AI-based constellation indoor position tracking technology

Multi-signals that can be received by smartphones are converted into big data in real time, and signals that can be received indoors can be used for positioning in dozens of types as shown in the figure.
Sensor Map
Smartphones receive many sensor information like as stars in the night sky, map them to the location information, and divide them into sensors/coordinates/indexes to create a sensor map for deep learning that can be learned in real time.
Deep Learning PNN
(Horizontal positioning) 1.74m Horizontal Accuracy
Sensor maps for deep learning exist in similar forms throughout the room Real-time positioning of similar sensor maps by dividing the similarity between PNN deep learning sensor maps to which the constellation algorithm is applied. It was impossible to implement with general deep learning technology CNN
Deep Learning PNN
(vertical positioning) 99.2% verticalAccuracy
"Relative pressure map" base precision vertical positioning Development of "EM(Expectation-maximization)algorithm" based optimization method to compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure in real time. Real-time update of actual barometric pressure Guarantee sustainable vertical accuracy

Compose a portfolio with Intellectual
Property rights for global expansion

25 patents
5 overseas patents/20 domestic patents
Secure related patents for overseas expansion in South Korea, the United States, China, etc.
19 papers
SCI 2 / Overseas 4 / Domestic 13
International papers are recognized as international academics through academic presentations, etc.
Total 3 TTA performance certifications
(Telecommunications Technology Association,TTA)
Indoor Positioning 1 / Spatial Indexing 2
International papers are recognized as international academics through academic presentations, etc.

solution / product

PAPAYA solution divides into packages and cloud services, including APIs SDK, Manager App, Positioning / Map Cloud Services.

  • Location Authentication Solution

    Authenticate the user's indoor position in real time.
    There are countless fields of application such as delivery, disaster sites, industrial safety, attendance management at educational institutions and corporation.
  • Indoor positioning

    High-precision positioning inside the building.
    There are various fields of use
    such as conventions, indoor parking lots, infrastructure (tunnels), smart cities, and large department stores.


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